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A dynamic company with a unique and original innovative twist, De Fil en Pétales gives a new dimension to an old and fading tradition. According to certain old customs, rosaries and dizainiers were made out of roses usually by religious congregations and used to accompany the deceased in their final voyage to heaven. They were then given to the families of the beloved ones and handed down through generations as precious souvenirs for keepsake. Today, thanks to the ancient process born form these old traditions, it is possible to create pearls or beads form flower petals. De Fil en Pétales upholds this old tradition and can create your very own rosary or dizainier, but we have taken this one step further by creating exclusive jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for men, women and children too! Check them here. We offer a wide array of different models for just about every taste at very reasonable prices. Select a category in the menu on the left and discover our creations.
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