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  • BFF bracelets

    $60.00 Select options

    Seal your friendship by sharing a part of your bracelet with your BFF(s).

  • Bluesman

    $80.00 Select options

    All the strength of the volcano. Hard as rock and warm as lava! Bracelet made of lava stones, stainless steel and pearl of flower petals. Choice of size available. (Standard man 8 1/2 inches, woman 7 inches and a half.)

  • Chicago

    $65.00 Select options

    Stainless steel and black leather bracelet. Audacious and metropolitan. (Average size for men 8,5 inches and women 7,5 inches.)

  • Classic

    $60.00 Select options

    Simple and complete. Stainless steel. Average size for women 7,5 inches.

  • Cybele – bracelet

    $65.00 Select options

    Mythological goddess, keeper of all knowledge. Stainless steel. Average size for women 7,5 inches.

  • Elodie – Adult

    $90.00 Select options

    Inspired by the creator’s daughter, it will appeal to girls as well their mother. Finition’s choice of clear faceted pearls or pearl shell color. Average size for women 7,5 inches.

  • Onyx

    $65.00 Select options

    Made of onyx stone perfect for showcasing your flower bead. Stainless steel and stone.

  • Precious – Bracelet

    $75.00 Select options

    Bracelet only.
    As unique as your mom, a bracelet combining chic and glamor for every day.
    Made of glittering mini beads and flower pearls.
    Pair it with the necklace and earrings to create the famous and perfect gift.
    Stainless steel.

  • Prestigious

    $125.00 Select options

    A sumptuous bracelet of priceless richness with faceted glass beads.
    Stainless steel.

  • Quidam bracelet

    $60.00 Select options

    For men or women the Quidam goes everywhere,
    use your pearl and create the heart of this
    necklace with unique meaning.
    Black leather and stainless steel.

  • Robust

    $110.00 Select options

    Just like you daddy…
    Leather and stainless steel.

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