Tips and advices

Tips and Advices

The conservation of flowers

  • To keep your flowers fresh and prevent them from fading, add or refresh the vase’s water every day.
  • You can and are encouraged to cut 1 or 2 centimetres off the tip of them stem as soon at reception of the bouquet.
  • Maintain ambient temperature in their surroundings and avoid exposing them directly to sunlight.
  • By following this advice, you will extend the flower’s lifespan by a week or more, depending on their kind.

Dry your flowers

This step consists of eliminating all dampness or water particle from the inside of the flowers before they begin to deteriorate. The flower’s colour will inevitably darken in its final stage. This is a normal result of the oxidation process. We also notify you that you have the possibility of obtaining a black pearl if you wish. We are able to obtain this tint simply by letting the flower oxidize naturally.

Our technique: Detach each petal and place it on a flat surface. To avoid damaging the petals, use both hands, one to hold the flower and the other to remove the petal entirely from the stem.

*In all cases, place your flowers or petals in a paper bag. Avoid placing the petals in a plastic bag and container, even one made of glass. This will trigger the moisture process of the flowers and render them unusable.

Send us your flowers safe and sound!

We understand how much you value your flowers and what they represent, and for this reason, we guarantee that we will take great care of them. From the moment they arrive until your jewellery’s final product. In order to ensure their safe arrival, here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Make sure that your flowers have been dried according to the steps listed in «Dry your flowers».
  • Separate your flowers according to both their colour and kind. Tissue paper is ideal. The previously stated no plastic rule applies here as well. Always send your flowers in a box or a paper envelope, never in any plastic recipient. Shipping with a box is your best bet for the flower can remain whole.
  • Finally, if you have a preference, make sure you identify the flower colour to the piece of jewellery you desire. Remember that the pearl will be the colour of your completely dry flower.

Preserve your jewel

Here are some tips which will allow you to preserve your precious jewel.

  • We recommend that you remove your jewel when taking a shower or a bath. This also applies when swimming or when practicing any other sporting activity.
  • It is preferable to remove your jewel whenever exposed to the sun including tanning sessions.

Our guarantee of satisfaction

The jewel which you have recently acquired consists of one of several flower petal pearls. Due to its naturally organic composition, the pearl’s color or texture is subject to change; this is quite normal and actually adds value to the jewel.

We offer a two year replacement guarantee on our jewellery. This guarantee is applied to fabrication problems but will not cover excessive damage to the merchandise.

If your pearls are composed of precious flower which holds sentimental value, we will stock them free of charge for the first 6 months. It is possible to extend this service with minimum charge. Get in touch with one of our consultants in order to learn more details concerning this particular service by calling us at: 819 527-6114.

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