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De Fil en Pétales creates top of the line and high quality personalized jewelry (earrings, bracelets and necklaces) by creating unique pearls from the flower petals used in any significant occasion (wedding bouquets, bridesmaid, special anniversaries, funerals…) which are usually very meaningful and of great significance. We can even use eternal roses for an even more splendid result… It is therefore very important to inform your clientele of this before they make their flower selection.

Wedding Planners who offer this product say it’s easy to sell since brides NEVER say NO when presented this option because preserving a unique memory … is priceless … but it does help that it only represents a small fraction of their budget. 🙂

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As you can now tell this is a unique concept that will surely appeal to your clients and we invite you to join our very generous affiliate program where you can earn 30%+ in commissions very easily. Thanks to you, she will never forget this unique moment and the wearing of this unique jewel will be a constant reminder of this unique moment.


Don’t forget that it will also help you differentiate yourself from the competition which as you know is extremely important!


Here are a few comments from happy affiliates we work with:


“Josee I wanted to tell you that every time I talk to my clients about your concept and they see the actual jewelry pieces on your site their eyes literally light up! Easiest sale ever! Thanks!” Mary L., Wedding Planner

“Since I got the display rack showing off your products it seems all I talk about is your incredible concept. People are absolutely blown away by the idea and one out of two seems to know at least one person who is either getting married…but most importantly generating a nice extra revenue!” Thanks! Lisa R., Florist 

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Josée Parent
President and founder

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