Biggy The Little Companion

Oh how lucky I was to find this house. Never lose hope for a better day. My name is Biggy, I’m five-year-old, I think … One eye less … but so lucky to be alive!

I started in a family where violence was daily. Unfortunately my dad had anger management issues. I have landed more than once in the walls. The last time, my eye was expelled from my brow bone, pending only by my optic nerve. Thank goodness, a good Samaritan, taxi driver, picked me up when I staggered on the edge of a sidewalk. I was taken to a veterinarian who took care of me on a voluntary basis. I was then placed in an animal shelter. That’s when my future masters were contacted. How could one find a dad and a mom so perfect for my broken heart? Would an angel in the invisible protect me?

They came to get me and as soon as I entered their house, I went straight to sleep in the lazyboy of my dad … my heart knew immediately that I had finally arrived home! And they knew that a new baby had arrived by a magical stork!

I am living there since 2 years and guess what my mom does in life? She works for De Fil en Petales. And she participated in the creation of the Little Companion. This is a great stainless steel product, very resistant, that allows to put a small strand of my fur, so that mom, dad and my big brother with two legs, can have me close to their heart during all the day and even on vacation! A little bit of me is with them, and this FOREVER … What a comfort for me after all these years of darkness. Like what there is always sun after the rain when we do not lose hope. The Little Companion, decorative item for handbag, vehicle rearview mirror or women’s necklace. In addition, it is customizable with decorative charms to choose from. What a better gift than to give “this precious” … hi! hi!

Big lichette full of love XXXXX

Biggy! (5 pounds when I am wet! Ha! Ha!)

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