The Little Companion

Our four-legged little companion is an integral part of the family in our day to day life and a cherished member of our household.

Especially for me, they are considered my babies…Having suffered from fertility issues, I had to endure miscarriages, medical procedures, in vitro fertilization treatments, and failures for years. After each miscarriage, we decided to adopt a Golden Retriever. We had five!, in the hopes of experiencing motherhood of future two-legged children! During a period of fifteen years, I became a mother to our four-legged fury campanions, each one as precious and unique as the next: my babies. Paffen,  Sydney, Simbad, Gaspard, and Flannelle, as well as our adopted Yuki, a Bernese Mountain Dog. It is very difficult to describe the pain associated with their passing away, almost impossible to explain. To be able to love them enough without regards to our own sorrow and grief, and let them leave in peace is I think something that only parents of animals can understand.


De Fil en Pétales is a young and flourishing company that has as a goal to preserve and cherish the memory of our loved ones. So after having had many requests from numerous clients for custom made products taylored to our most faithful friends, the Little Companion was born. It is possible to insert a mesh of fur inside this high quality jewel and surprise your loved ones. As a decorative ornament, it can be fixed to a purse, a rearview mirror, or even your kids’ backbacks. What a caring and loving gesture and tribute to be able to keep and carry them with us everyday beyond their life.

So to you Paffen, Sydney, Simbad, and Gaspard who were there to faithfully accompany and support me during the good and the bad times without judgement; if life exists after death, I hope that it has reserved a special place for you all. I promise you one million scratch’n behind the ears when I eventually join you. And note that in my daily life, I carry you with me where ever I go thanks to my Little Companion…with your brothers and sisters still with us today…

The Little Companion is available in a nearby retailer or through our website.

Description :  Keychain, or decorative ornement, it is embellished with a bead made from flower petals. It is possible to preserve an everlasting souvenir of your little companion by showcasing a mesh of his fur, a feather, or even a claw. The housing can be unscrewed by hand and may also be sealed with a drop of glue. Entirely made of stainless steel, the Little Companion is resistant and durable. It can be customized by inserting a number of various charms within the housing.

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