Eternal roses make exceptionnal pearls!

The Eternal Rose…Unlike its artificial appareance, the eternal rose is as real as real can be, freshly harvested at the precise moment where its beauty is at its peak. After a meticulous dehydration process, the rose is placed for a certain period of time in a recipient that contains a natural conservation medium, giving it its distinguished and durable appearance. The eternal rose needs no water. It remains fresh and beautiful for a long period of time. Magnificient in bouquets, it also makes exquisite pearls. For example, the white eternal rose is one of the only flower from which a vivid and pure white pearl can be created . It therefore seems to us to be the all time designated choice to refine your bouquets and obtain a superbe piece of jewelry. To preserve your most precious memories, prioritize an eternal rose to create a pearl rich in everlasting significance.

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