De Fil en Pétales wins a prestigious award at Val-d’Or’s Chamber of commerce annual gala, les Filons

Production and transformation award recipient and winner
In a town where mining and forestry rule, who would have thought that a jewelry store which transforms flower petals into beads to produce unique jewelry would be proclaimed winner in the production and transformation category! It was after a noticeable appearance in Dans l’Oeil du Dragon, the French version of Dragon’s Den, that De fil en Pétales’ (DFP) growth potential literally exploded. DFP decided to step it up and leave behind its comfort zone by going from an “arts and craft” style production to a commercial production. With the help of engineers, DFP developed a unique prototype press that permitted a substantial increase in manufacturing performance, increasing bead production from 200 to more than 2000 per day.  This heightened efficiency was the triggering point in obtaining important contracts and partnerships such as providing St-Hubert restaurants with 40 thousand necklaces in only 5 months for mother’s day, or the birth of a new and exclusive collection in collaboration with jewelry designer, Caroline Arbour. With an ever increasing distribution and sales network, its busy store on the web, and its capacity to now export all across Canada, DFP has taken by storm this unique and undeveloped market. Chances are that we have not finished hearing about DFP’s boldness, its unwavering determination, and most of all, its remarkable journey to new heights.

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