Kids and St-Hubert

De Fil en Pétales has grown to become a small “big business” in 2013…to

the point where my basement which was used as our headquarters for

production, transformation, and distribution (what an adventure, believe

me!) had become too small, and renting an office space was unaffordable

with respect to our income. That’s when sparked the idea or airing on

Radio-Canada’s prime television series Dans l’Oeil du Dragon, (the French

version of Dragon’s Den). This seemed to be a good opportunity to help

launch us to higher grounds faster.  Our business proposal was not

selected for an eventual financial partnership…nonetheless, this gave

our business an incredible push not only in terms of visibility, but we

also obtained very valuable guidance from masters. Like a renowned

conductor, Serge Beauchemin gladly helped us along by placing us on the

right pathway. That’s when we discovered the vast “Réseau M de la

Fondation de l’Entrepreneurship”, a tutoring network from prosperous

business people passing along their know how to developing enterprises

like our’s. Since then, my Abitibi mentor, M Roger Gauthier, has guided

my business visions into reality, facilitating the process of turning our

concept into a solid and flourishing enterprise.

Being somewhat of a philantropist, my primary objectif was to provide

“good vibes”. I wanted to reach out to women and mothers.  I come from a

very modest background in Beauport, Québec, where our family’s annual

outing was supper at St-Hubert Restaurant for Mother’s Day. It’s

therefore no surprise that I spontaneously offered Les Rôtisseries

St-Hubert my first partnership. As a result, it was with tremendous

pleasure that we offered moms across the St-Hubert network that year

thousands of necklaces from De Fil en Pétales on Mother’s Day, to

underline thier remarkable yearly contribution, that of being a mom. Nice

tap on the back to my mother, Colette!

Small secret; the first ten necklaces with a blue bead were assembled by

my four year old son, Jonathan! Completely nuts over my two children,

here is the video that I share with you….Atleast one hundred of these

necklaces were packaged by my five year old daughter , Élodie, who took

great pleasure in “managing” the entire packaging process! What a hoot

that was to see. Children are rays of sunshine….Incorporating them into

the production process taught us that when you love your work, like we

do, it provides great pleasure, just like in playing a game. It is upto

us to find our own, and to take the plunge! Every mom who had supper in a

St-Hubert restaurant that eveving in the provinces of Québec, Ontario,

and New Brunswick received a necklace. Did you receive yours? I’d love to

here form you…………………… Josée

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